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59th edition of Samarpan with Brother Neeraj Acharya 16th Feb 2020

59th edition of Samarpan with Brother Neeraj Acharya - 16th February 2020

Shantideep, Dharmakshetra.

Since the mandir is under renovation, attached please find photos of the temporary makeshift altar for the 59th edition of Samarpan program held today.

For this edition, Bhagawan has blessed us with *Brother Neeraj Acharya* who will be sharing with us some of his choicest experiences enjoyed at His Lotus Feet for more than two decades.
Born in a Sai family, Brother Neeraj was blessed with close proximity to our Beloved Swami ever since *Bhagawan selected him for the MBA program in 1995*. He was highly blessed to be *part of Bhagawan's entourage to Kodai Kanal on several occasions* and also to *Hadshi* and *Mumbai* in 2009.



The Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publication Trust has been engaged over the last several years in various service activities covering a wide and vast spectrum for the upliftment and benefit of society, particularly the needy and under privileged.

A major initiative undertaken by the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust, Maharashtra from April 2007 is to provide Primary & Preventive healthcare to the needy and under privileged segment at their doorstep. The Trust runs 50 Mobile Dispensaries which provide free medical aid including free medicines to all. The Vans are spread out across 27 Districts of the State of Maharashtra & Goa including Mumbai Metro and Navi Mumbai mostly in Urban Slums and reach out to approx. 10,00,000 patients every year.

The Mobile Medicare Project also has been active in Secondary & Tertiary care and over the last 6 years, organized several specialized camps e.g. Ophthalmic, Pediatric, Gynaecology, Cardiac, Dental camps etc.

Our Cardiac camps have identified and assisted in treating patients either through medication or the required advanced treatment like angioplasty, open heart surgery, valve replacement etc. at various affiliated Hospitals. Our Organisation has Two Super Specialty Hospitals, One at Puttaparthi and the other one at Whitefield, Bangalore. Two Hospitals at Ahmedabad and Rajkot are also taking care of cardiac patients and their treatment/surgery totally free of cost.

A major effort has being taken to fight malnutrition which effects the growth & health of children in Maharashtra. The malnourished children are treated in a very systematic & professional manner with no compromise in quality. The children are provided with Protein Biscuits, Tonics and other nutritional supplements and monitored continuously to watch their progress.

Medical Camps are being conducted on a regular basis at Village, Tribal and Unaided Schools where issues relating to over all up liftment of the quality of life of the children are under taken.

Various other initiatives like procurement of high quality medicines, doctor’s seminars, first aid training, lectures on health & hygiene etc. are initiated at regular intervals.

The Trust has taken initiative to establish a medical Hub of approx. 400 sq.feet, fully airconditioned storage place. at Navi Mumbai. Medicines are procured in bulk quantity at reasonable cost and from there are being sent to all the Districts of Maharashtra & Goa including Mumbai Metro. The Trust has acquired proper Drug Licenses from FDA to purchase, store and distribute the Medicines.

The project is monitored from the Central Trust Office at Mumbai. The nominal donations received at districts level are being deposited in the Bank locally and cheques are being issued from Mumbai Office. At the end of every month each district sends the detailed accounts along with copies of donations receipts, Bank deposit slips, payment vouchers etc.

The medical aspects of the Project are managed in a highly transparent and professional manner. Case papers for each patient, daily visit scroll sheets, patient’s register, medicines requisitions etc. are maintained.

It is proposed to setup over 20 Sri Sathya Sai Primary Medicare Centres at SSS Gramin Seva Centres in various Districts. These centres will provide basic medical treatment to the local needy population.

The Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Project is committed to helping the poor and suffering segment of society through high quality of medical aid by providing a vide range of medical facilities & treatment totally free of cost. The need for such major efforts is further strengthened because of the ever increasing cost of medicines and medical treatment.

Jai Sai Ram.

Talk by Smt. Karuna Sarup-Munshi- 58th Edition of Samarpan - Dharmakshetra - 19th January 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


With Swami's blessings we are indeed fortunate to have with us Smt. Karuna Sarup-Munshi as our Guest Speaker for the 58th edition of Samarpan at Dharmakshetra.

Smt. Karuna Sarup-Munshi shared her choicest personal experiences & profound lessons that she learnt at the Divine Lotus Feet.
Smt. Karuna Sarup-Munshi grew up in Srinagar, Kashmir. Her family was blessed to learn of Bhagawan's advent during her early childhood in 1969. By the 1970s, her family was active in the Sai movement in Singapore, and finally resulted into a special blessing of being chosen as His student in 1980 as she joined Bhagawan's Anantapur college.
She completed her B.A. securing the first rank in 1983, and in 1985, upon completing M.A. in Philosophy, she was blessed to receive a gold medal from the Hands of her Divine Chancellor Bhagawan Baba.

Post marriage, she pursued journalism with Doordarshan in New Delhi as a news correspondent where she interviewed several national and international news-makers, covered elections, reported live and produced documentaries.
Along with her family, she migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1990 where she lived for 20 years, working in the field ofcorporate communication while serving the Sathya Sai movement. She has contributed in multiple capacities, as a Secretary, SSE Guru and Youth Coordinator. After resigning from her position as a Communications Specialist, she worked at the Sathya Sai School of Canada as the school secretary for 9 years. In 2009, along with her family, she relocated to Puttaparthi, India.
She has served Radio Sai as a volunteer for over a decade, taught Communicative English at the Sri Sathya SaiMirpuri College of Music, and since 2017 has been serving as the Director of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Programme.

Karuna Munshi has also addressed several Sai events and conducted Sai workshops around the world. Along with her husband Sunny, she now resides in Puttaparthi. Over two generations of her family, including both her children, her siblings and their children have been blessed to be Sai students.

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