Bhagavan Baba on Dharmakshetra

History of Dharmakshetra

Dharmakshetra as a manifestation of Divine Love, was established by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Mumbai on May 12, 1968, on the eve of the First World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.

Thousands from all parts of India and even overseas witnessed the Inauguration. From far-flung lands they came, wafted by winds of grace. More than fifty thousand eager souls gathered that evening at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Campus at Versova, Bombay, to express their joy at the momentous occasion. The magnificent structure was completed in 108 days after the first trowel of concrete was laid! The number 9 being the theme of the holy structure, of the 18 petals of the lotus which encloses the apartments where Bhagawan would stay, of the pillars, steps and trellis squares, all in multiples of 9, the Brahma Number.

Sri P.K. Sawant reminded the audience that Baba blessed Maharasthra while in His previous body at Shirdi, and it is Maharashtra's good fortune again that His Dharmakshetra has been established here itself. Baba said that every one is living, moving, acting and accumulating merit or demerit as a consequence, in kuru-kshetra, for, 'Kuru" means 'to do'. In this process, if the current of Dharma illumines every moment of life, then the Kurukshetra becomes Dharmakshetra. This, he said, will be the lesson that Dharmakshetra will radiate round the world.Baba took up residence at Sathya Deep, the rotunda with the lotus above and a moat filled with water all around; the place immediately became a hive of spiritual activity, a prolific purveyor of sweetness and light. There, children brought together in Sathya Sai Baba Vihars, boys and girls of the Seva Dal, adult workers in the Bhajan Mandalis and Seva Samithis, all receive Love and learn reverence. Baba speaks to them in groups, seekers and social workers who gather in the Prayer Hall; and they return with a deeper understanding and wider outlook.

Dharmakshetra has a Divine Destiny to fulfill in the Divine Mission. It stands tall over a hillock as a beacon for mankind to embark upon the path of Dharma or Righteous Conduct.


The moment we enter Dharmakshetra we are awed by the imposing mural of the “Sun God” “Aditya” riding on his 7 horses drawn chariot, on the upper front wall of the stage and over-looking the Jalan Mandap (congregation area). Sun is the Lord of Time. He is the Symbol of the Life-Principle. He is the giver of light and nourishes our intellect (Buddhi) and is the endower of enlightenment. He is the embodiment of all the Divine forces. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, the TRINITY, all in one.


“Human body is Temple of Living God”. It should be kept clean spiritually and fit physically. Therefore, the Sai Message of “Manav Seva is Madhav Seva” is translated in Sri Sathya Sai Medical Centre. This Centre every year, caters to Thousands of patients free of any charges. This Centre houses pathology Laboratory, Eye Clinic, Dental Clinic and screening facilities offering Allopathy as well as Homeopathy treatments.


Set up in October 1995, the Eye Hospital has a fully equipped operation theatre and the O. P. D functions six days in a week. Free cataract operations are performed thrice a week. The “Giving sight programme” concentrates on intraoccular Lens Implant Surgery and Eye Donation clinics.


As one comes down from the Satya Deep amidst the lush greenery and a picturesque waterfall stands the beautiful idol of Gayatri, under a golden canopy. The pedestal stands over more than 7 crore Nama Likhita Japa Written by Devotees from all over Mumbai during the auspicious occasion of BHAGAWAN’S 70th Birthday.


To enable the Devotees to assemble in the Divine precincts there is a huge hall called the “Shanti Deep” which is utilized for congregational prayer and group singing and for other service activities. There in the hall, we see the exhibition on Divine Teachings, a library and provision for video shows.


A book-stall for sale of Sai Literature, Photographs, Audio & Video cassettes of Bhagwan is located near the main gate.


This Centre caters to the need of computer literacy amongst the youth of the under privileged and poor class of people. The Youth Wing of the Organisation with great love imparts this training.


This is an in house Audio – Video Studio which caters to the Educational and Spiritual needs of the organisation, as a part of the overall objectives of propagating Bhagwan’s Message. It also produces and reproduces good quality audio and video CDs & DVDs on Bhagwan’s Discourses, Bhajans and his activities throughout the World.


True to the emphasis on Education placed by Baba the campus also has a primary and secondary school called the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir that caters to the children of the lower income group around Dharmakshetra.


The building is the seat of the Educational activities of the Sri Sathya Seva Organisation at Mumbai. On the ground floor of the building is located a very active Vocational training Technical Institute that helps many young men to take up Vocational Training, which helps them to stand on their own feet.

Tailoring classes for women of weaker section are also being conducted as a part of the Diploma courses

A Brief Introduction

On 12th May, 1968, the 'Dharmakshetra', an architectural jewel fittingly built on an elevated spot commanding a panoramic view of the environs of Bombay as the International Centre of the Sai Family, was inaugurated. This Palace of God is also intended to serve as the residence of Bhagawan while at Bombay. Dharmakshetra is the first word in the first sloka of the Bhagavad Gita; it is used there as an adjective to describe the battlefield where the Kaurava might was pulverised by the Lord and His Grace showered on the Pandava 'righteousness'.

The field was known as Kurukshetra, but the intervention of God to succour the cause of Truth, Justice, peace and Love transmuted it into Dharmakshetra. The word summarises the history of the two clans who were in mortal combat on that field: it symbolises the beginningless conflict between good and bad in the human heart, a conflict that ends in the triumph of the good when, as the Pandava did, we accept and instal in our heart God as the charioteer; and now it elaborates the role of Baba in human history one step further, for, he had already declared Himself as Sanathana Sarathi, the Person at the Wheel of Life since Time began and Space rolled out, for every Being that Became!

"Engage in Karma as regulated by Dharma. Practice Dharma with the awareness that all is Brahman. March along the path of Karma to Dharmakshetra, where Brahma-realisation awaits", Baba says.




As a symbol of the message of Unity of Faiths there stands majestically the Sarva Dharma Stupa rising high into the sky. Each symbol etched at the bottom of the stupa is a message by itself.

“Listen to the primeval Pranava AUM resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the Universe”.

] “Remember the Wheel of Cause and Consequence, of Deed and Destiny and the Wheel of Dharma that rights them all”.

“Offer all bitterness in the Sacred Fire and emerge Grand, Great and Godly”.

Z “ Be like the Star which never wavers from the Crescent but is fixed in Steady Faith”.

V “Cut the “I” feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you Eternity”.

SATYA DEEP – The Abode of Absolute Truth

The Lotus shaped structure beckons man to embark upon sacred action and be like a lotus which blossoms and blooms in the unclean water of the pond but is still untouched by the dirt around.

The pond surrounding ‘Satya Deep symbolises the ocean of Samsara. The nine steps crossing over the pond to Satya Deep symbolises the Nava-Vidha Bhakti with which one can cross this ocean of Samsara and be able to enter the abode of the Lord.

At the gate of Satya Deep we see the symbols of different religions signifying the universality of Baba’s Message that all religions teach the same ultimate truth.

Inside the Satya Deep there are 5 Murals on the left side representing the aspects of Creation and the means of Creation. (1) Prithvi (Earth), (2) Ap (Water), (3) Tejas (Fire), (4) Vayu (Air), (5) Akasa (Sky).

These are the basic constituents of the creation. It is principally through the media of these five elements that the God manifests Himslef as this universe and creation.

The panels on the right side portray the eternal “Values of Life” which one has to necessarily cultivate in order to be able to attain the divine state of perfection and gain liberation. These values which are, so to say, the pathway to perfection, are : (1) Satya, (2) Dharma, (3) Ahimsa (4) Prema, (5) Santhi.



This unique exhibition on lotus petals in a nutshell, explains the Message of Baba leading Man from information to transformation. It begins with the cause of the Avtarhood and goes on to explain to man his true innate nature and the purpose of his birth. The next section of the exhibition lays down the goals that man has to pursue and the last section unfolds the techniques that will help man to progress towards these goals. As one goes around seeing the exhibition one gets a feeling that Baba is speaking to him on a one to one basis