Birthday special edition of Samarpan with Sri Vedanarayan - Dharmakshetra, 27th November 2016

Today at Dharmakshetra, Brother Vedanaraynan shared his wonderful experience as to how Bhagawan gave him the second lease of life when he was seriously ill and how the doctors lost hope & told he would survive for few hours. Indeed he connected all of us to our Lord with the vivacious narration.

Birthday special edition of Samarpan with Sri Vedanarayan - Dharmakshetra, 27 Nov 2016

91st Birthday Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - 23.11.2016 - Evening Programme

Evening Programme by Bandra-Khar-Santacruz samithi - 22.11.2016

Nagarsankirtan & Rath Yatra at Dharmakshetra - 20.11.2016

Free Heart Camp at Dharmakshetra - 23rd October, 2016.

Heart camp at the Municipal School, Khar Danda,


Dengue & Leptospirosis prevention & controls undertaken by Borivali Samithi

The message for Dengue & Leptospirosis prevention & controls was highlighted on 09/10/2016 by Borivali samithi in two special classes of IX & X comprising of 135 students, & the same was being held in Ashramshala Chapke Talabali Talabali Taluka - Vikramgarh about 100 kms from Mumbai.

Dengue & Leptospirosis symptoms & treatment were explained at length by two college students (1 F + 1 M) and One Seva Dal (F). How we can get infected from Dengue & Leptospirosis was examplified by the youth group. Time taken of each class was for 10 minutes.

In the Adivasi Village Vedhe Taluka Vikramgarh, 28 houses were personally covered by two groups of youth volunteers comprising total of four college students (2M + 2F) along with two Seva Dal (F) the group explained to Adivasis in their language that how Dengue & Leptospirosis can be prevented. Time taken in each house was from 5 - 7 min. with a total time of about 3 hours.

One Hundred and Twenty three Ladies were explained individually for Dengue & Leptoapirosis prevention & control while doing Narayan Seva from the village Panchayet Office. Initially the whole group was made to feel the circumstances for getting infected from either Dengue & Leptospirosis or any other disease.

Dengue & Leptospirosis prevention & controls undertaken by Borivali Samithi

Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - 6th October 2016


A medical Camp at Melghat

A medical Camp at Melghat was organised on the border of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. This is a vey interior and remote Adivasi area which is difficult to reach.

90 sarees and socks were distributed.

These sarees were sent by devotees of Chembur/Ghatkopar of SSSSO Mumbai. Every month the items are collected from devotees. During the earlier visits household articles and once toys etc. were sent to Melghat adivasis through Akola samithi. For the coming visit 'used artificial jwelleries' for girls and T- shirts for boys are being sent next week.

A WhatsApp group called " Bech Math. De Mast" (BMDM) ( as against 'Bech De' slogan of OLX ) have been formed.

Earlier six months back this Seva to Melghat was started. Now regularly BMDM is sending theme based articles as requested by the locals there. They are also sponsoring daily milk for the malnourished kids there in Melghat.

A medical Camp at Melghat


Janmashtami Bhajans at Dharmakshetra - 25th August 2016

2nd National IT Conference at Dharmakshetra on 21.08.2016


Dharmakshetra is pleased to bring you the glimpses of the evening proceedings of Guru Poornima Celebrations which started with Akhand Mahotsam, followed by the lighting of the lamp. 

Our guest speaker, Swamini Krishnapriyananda from Chinmaya Mission delivered a signficant talk emphasising importance on Guru Poornima. The soothing & beautiful STOTRAM chants by the Bandra Samithi singers filled the Shanti Deep Hall with enormous vibrations feeling HIS Divine presence.
Guru Bhajans were sung in full devotion marking the eternal Guru Poornima Day. The rejoicing session concluded at 7:45 pm offering Mangala Aarti to our Beloved Lord with prasadam for all.

Guru Poornima Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - 19th July 2016

Ashadi Ekadashi at Dharmakshetra by Bandra, Khar & Santacruz Samithis - Evening Program - 15th July

International Yoga Day celebrated at Dharmakshetra - June 26,


Ministry of Education and Sports – LAOS , Deputy Minister and Vice-President of National Commission

14th Samarpan Session at Dharmakshetra , Sunday May 22, 2016

49th Anniversary of Dharmakshetra - May 12, 2016

Easwaramma Day Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - May 7, 2016

Divine Mass Marriage of 18 visually challenged couples at Dharmakshetra - April 24, 2016

Prize Distribution Ceremony - Dharmakshetra - April 19, 2016 - Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Mumbai

Cheti Chand Celebration at Dharmakshetra - Sat, 9th April, 2016

State Conference Meeting on Saturday 2nd April, 2016 at Dharmakshetra


Healing with Love - A Symposium for Renowned Medical Practitioner, 13.03.2016 Image

12th Session of Samarpan - Dr. K. Anil Kumar, 20th March 2016 at Dharmakshetra Image