Preparing Sai Protein food is a Mahila Vibhagh Activity, but it encompasses the entire family into it. It has three dimensional impact.

The fact that different ingredients are to be contributed by different members in different proportions/lots and that too in a time bound period, encourages feelings of sharing for the needy and poor.

The ingredients are also to be roasted up to certain extent. It involves intense concentration in this activity. During this time, one is fully engrossed in roasting least neither less roasted as it will harm the consumer, nor more roasted as it will spoil taste of the Sai Protein Food. Thus, sharing concept will encompass man folk as they have to contribute and caring concept will encompass women folk, as it is to be roasted up to certain extent.

In this part the person responsible to prepare powder requires a high degree of devotion and care. She has to ensure that different lots received from different Mahila Members have a uniformly roasted ingredients, otherwise she has to roast them again. Before giving to flour mill, the ingredients are to be mixed in proper proportion and again warm them, so that flour mill can make a proper powder. Apart from this, items like Groundnuts, Ginger and Ilachi (Cardamom) are to be ground in the mixer at home. This is an individual Sadhana of a person/s. It is the most delicate art of preparing protein food.

After the powder is ready, a group of Mahilas meet on a fixed day at fixed time. Here they chant Gayatri Mantra and with continuously chanting “Sai Ram”, they mix the powder and make packet of 300 Gms each. This is Community Sadhana. It is performed not for the benefits of all those who are involved in making them but to convert the “Protein Food” in to “Sai Protein Food” so that children who partake this, get benefited with this “Sathwik food” which is Sai Prasad.

The results have proved that malnourished children, who use “Sai Protein Food” have improved their health and expense on their medicines have reduced, thus benefiting poor and needy families. Their blessings is the satisfaction of undertaking this Sadhana.